Saturday, November 1, 2014

Cloth Diapers: ProRaps

Another giant diaper cover I got for E's toddler night fitteds was by Proraps.  Now, right away the coolest thing about Proraps/Prodiaper is that they are based here in Vancouver, WA!  We've driven by their building many times; it's actually within walking distance to the Cottonbabies store (although I think they have moved recently)!  I've often wondered why Cottonbabies doesn't stock more/any Proraps products -- since they are SUPER local -- but that day I went in for nighttime supplies, they did have an XL Proraps Classic Cover at a discount.

Image from Proraps
One more thing about Proraps the company: I guess their covers are considered the "workhorse" of the cloth diaper service world (you know, diaper services: subscribing to the truck that comes and washes stuff for you, etc.).  They've been around a long time, and recently changed ownership in 2012.  Also, they really do make many (all?) of their products right here in Vancouver!  I was researching them late last night and I forget where I saw their "Made in USA" stats.  Anyway.

This cover did a great job.  It's got gussets and was completely reliable.  White is a boring color of course, but look at all the new colorful things they are making now!  This cover is ENORMOUS.  It covered the nighttime fitteds and then some!  E. was in this toddler-night-fitted-and-cover phase for only a short time, but if she had continued to let us put her in diapers, we could have used this well beyond when we did.  It's the same for all those big fitteds, really!

I feel a bit dumb for spending a fair amount of money on this phase, not knowing how short it would be.  Truly these were her last diapers, since she was adamant about using big girl undies at daytime.  Soon enough, she wanted "night undies", too!  It's not that she got much better at holding it at night -- we still needed absorbency, but had to package it in cobbled-together, undies-looking solutions that were not "diapers".  Whew, when your baby insists she is not a baby anymore, watch out!  The mere mention of putting on a diaper would offend her greatly!!  Looking back, I would have loved to keep her in night diapers way longer (and saved much bedding laundry), but overall I think she progressed appropriately.  She just wanted to be a big girl across the board!

Well, I still have all this big stuff lying around for Baby #2 . . . and if she doesn't need it, that is why cloth is great: resale value! :)

I will also mention here that my Size 2 Duo Wrap from Thirsties and my Happy Heinys one-size cover both worked well at night over the toddler fitteds, too.

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