Friday, January 16, 2015

Cloth Diapers: Potty Training: Carter's

I know, it's a bit useless to review a product that is no longer made, but you know me and being thorough.  I did indeed buy the Carter's My First Undies 2 pack (in two sizes!) for E., and though they had a couple issues, she really liked them (while they fit).

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She loved the patterns, which as I've mentioned is super important for getting your toddler on board with potty time.  They were soft and quite absorbent for what they were (that is, trainers that you don't expect to catch everything), with good coverage.  The price was right!

However, here are the downsides.  It turns out that they did have a short rise, so as she grew, they quickly didn't cover as well.  The leg holes were on the small side, so they would get rather stuck on my girl's chubby thighs.  It seemed like the elastic in the legs was somehow tighter than the waist, and that seemed uncomfortable for her.

And the biggest downside: they didn't have the standard hidden PUL waterproof layer, but rather a hidden waterproof layer of something crinkly!  That is, you could hear these trainers crinkling around like a plastic grocery store bag!  It really bothered me because that is so un-undies-like and just not common these days, especially not with cloth!  So boo to that.

Well, they must not have been that successful because I can't find a trace of them online anymore!  (Except for that "unavailable" Amazon link from the photo -- which is where I bought them before.)  But there you go, another review for completeness' sake. :)

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