Friday, December 11, 2015

Cloth Diapers: Potty Training: EcoPosh

I got one pair of EcoPosh trainers for E. (by KangaCare, the Rumparooz people!) and they were pretty good.  I didn't like them as well as Blueberry or Imse Vimse due to sizing and aesthetic reasons.

Image from Nicki's Diapers

I had the blue color, called "Peace".  Aesthetically, I was a little disappointed that these colors are more muted than they appear online.  I guess they are made with recycled materials, but still, they look like, I don't know, the brown paper bag of training pants.  They are literally brown inside, too!  This is a good feature in theory to disguise, ahem, you know . . . but in practice it's a bit disconcerting.  They definitely seemed utilitarian, not fun!

But, they worked fine.  I forget what size E. had, but they seemed to get snug rather quickly.  They also were fairly stiff and bulky, which made them a bit tougher to get off and on.  I wouldn't necessarily recommend them, but if you need an unexciting trainer (which I also would not recommend), these appear to be on sale all over the place right now!

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