Friday, December 11, 2015

Cloth Diapers: Potty Training: Gerber

Ah, Gerber training pants!  These are FANTASTIC.  Yes, they are inexpensive and available at most Target-type stores, but sometimes that is actually the best thing. (Especially when you are on an outing and need to buy more on the fly!)

These are all-cotton briefs with a little extra accident protection built in.  That's it.  No waterproofness, no super absorbency -- just real undies with a bit of extra padding. They are not going to save your lap, but they make the perfect daytime trainer once your child has a pretty good grasp on using the bathroom.

We used them well beyond training, because they also make the perfect everyday undies!  Soft, plenty of coverage, unbeatable price.  Cute prints, too!  E. loved her "cars" print (below) so much, we had to get another pair when she sized up.  And these fit well for a long time, too.

They are cut pretty much exactly the same as the Hanna Andersson underwear, so save some dough and get some Gerbers for your stash!
Image from

Image from showing "cakes", another favorite print

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