Monday, December 28, 2015

Cloth Diapers: Potty Training: Kissaluvs

We didn't get much use out of E's Kissaluvs pocket trainer.  She saw that it had snaps on it and therefore decided it was a diaper, and she wouldn't use it!

Image from Kissaluvs

The few times I did get her to wear it, it worked okay, but it did have that wonky Kissaluvs fit on her.  It had a pocket to add extra absorbency, though we never got that far.

Reading about the trainers on their website, they seem to have redesigned them.  The one E. had was a brown PUL outer with a brown flannel inner with stars on it.  (That actually was not the one I had even ordered, but nevermind that.  For a while it was hard to determine which Kissaluvs design you would be receiving!) Now apparently they have plain cotton fleece/sherpa inside, without prints.  I think that's the wrong way to go, personally, because with E. most of the excitement of potty training came from which design/pattern she was going to wear!

Anyway, in theory these look like a good trainer, if your child is not picky about front snaps, like mine was!

UPDATE:  Apparently Kissaluvs is no longer in business as of earlier this month!  Another diaper brand I've reviewed that isn't made anymore. :(

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