Saturday, December 26, 2015

Cloth Diapers: Potty Training: Super Undies

I got one pair of Super Undies -- they are extra pricey!  They were a simple pull-on trainer with cotton inner and waterproof outer.  These worked fine, more absorbent than others, but sized small.  The legs got tight on E., which meant she couldn't pull them down in time.  Also they were a bit poofy.  Well used in our rotation, but not my absolute fave.

The pair E. had was red. Image from Kelly's Closet

Now Super Undies has changed their designs a little and come out with a new hybrid system (which looks really good, actually), so I'm not sure the exact style we used is still available.  But it looks like they have even more options, especially for older children.  Which is actually somewhat rare, so yay Super Undies!

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