Thursday, March 17, 2016

Cloth Diapers: wet bags

Since I'm doing all these cloth diaper reviews, I wanted to put up a recommendation for WET BAGS!

Image from Monkey Foot Designs
Specifically, Monkey Foot Designs!

I'm not sure where I first heard about her bags, but I have 3 (4?) of them now and I've never been disappointed!  They keep stink at bay, hold up over time, and are convenient to use.  The XL size with one strap was the main bag for E's room.  After washing this ONE bag for her whole diapering experience, it finally started getting some rips in the lining at the bottom.  It's still usable, but I got a new one just because!

I got one of the newer XLs with two straps and the gusset, which I don't like as much (only the outer is gusseted, not the lining, plus it hangs funny off the doorknob and falls down more often), but it's still great.

I will add here that I now have TWO of her medium double-pocket bags that I use as my everyday purse!!  They are SO cute.  I get compliments ALL THE TIME. She has done customs in the past (raises hand), though I'm not sure she's taking them right now.  Every so often she has done some made-to-orders out of fabrics she offers up (raises hand again!).

Image from Monkey Foot Designs; this is not one of the ones I have!

I also have a couple Planet Wise wetbags, which do the job, but I don't like them as much as MFD.  The zipper is harder to use (smaller pull) and my large one with 2 handles hangs off the door so weirdly that it can be hard to put diapers in there!  They also seem to let out a bit more stink.  The secret of course, with all wet bags, is to NOT close them all the way, or the stink gets stinkier!

Image from Planet Wise
(Ooh, Planet Wise now sells fabric by the yard?  I may have to get some to turn into other fun things!)

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