Thursday, July 7, 2016

Cloth Diapers: Baby Sister: BumGenius 3.0 Small AIO (discontinued)

Ah, the BumGenius Small AIO: the best diaper!!!  Too bad they discontinued it awhile back!  It's the perfect size between newborn diapers and one-sizes.

Photos are mine from listing to sell
According to the company, these were made to fit from 8-16 lbs.  I found that it was still too big right at the beginning, but it definitely fit at just under 10 lbs. -- the 3-week mark -- right when C. was outgrowing the BumGenius Newborns!

With Big Sister, I had ONE of these diapers.  Just one!  (A light pink one that was on clearance at the Cottonbabies store.) Remember, I was trying to be economical with prefolds and covers back then?  I loved that little AIO, though.  I remember being sad when I had to change it and wait to put it on E. again!  It just fit so well and was SO EASY.

Well, for Baby Sister, my friend gave me a whole bunch of BG Smalls that she had used for her son! (Thank you, E.!)  I was so excited to now have 12 of them!  And sure enough, they were a favorite the second time around.  Here is what I like about these:

* They fit for that tricky time between newborn size being too small and one-sizes still being laughably huge.
* They have a pocket so you can feel if the microfiber is actually dry out of the dryer, AND if it's still damp, you can turn it inside-out for more air-dry time.
* Comfortable for baby!  Nice fit on a small bum -- roomy but not gappy or bunchy or poufy.  Also trim.
* They fit for a long time!!  These easily fit C. from 3 weeks to 8 weeks (about 13 lbs.).  Then they maxed out on absorbency.  (Thanks to the pocket, we were adding a Ragababe liner for a bit of a boost, but I finally had to retire them.  I sold the whole lot to a good home!)

Actually, I still have the pink one! You can tell I'm a crazy cloth enthusiast because I couldn't part with it!

Why did they discontinue this diaper??  If you have the chance to nab some of these used, go for it!  It is a much better choice than the BG newborns/Littles.

No matter; when I get my shop up and running, I will offer a diaper for this same convenient size range. :)

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