Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Cloth Diapers: Baby Sister: BumGenius Newborn AIO

I ended up with some BumGenius Newborns (now called "Littles" I guess) from a friend passing them on -- more like back -- from a gift I had given her!  Yay, cloth!  (Thank you, J!)  I think I may have stumbled on 1-2 of these at the consignment shop, too.

Photos are mine from listing to sell
These fit the bill for the convenience of newborn AIOs, but I surprised myself by not liking them all that much.  They fit C. right away, but without a cord snap-down, they were no good at first!  (The company description that they fit low under the cord is A LIE.)  I only used them when the cord fell off -- and even then I tried folding them down a bit and it was awkward.  The velcro was very stiff and scratchy and hard to fold.

She started saturating them around 2.5 weeks.  No leaks, though, but a bit of stink and need for more thorough cleaning.  I don't like how they are "sealed" shut; PUL-microfiber-suedecloth -- there's no way to feel if it needs more drying time out of the dryer.  I often set them out overnight just in case.

They are supposed to fit 6-12 lbs.  At just under 10 lbs. she was done with them.  Technically they still fit but it was tight and they were sopping.  Thankfully I had other more effective and cute options!

Also at that time, she started fitting the BumGenius Small AIOs.  Those fit soooo much nicer (roomy!) and for longer!  You could also feel if they didn't get all the way dry in the dryer and could turn them inside out to dry.  Too bad they have discontinued the smalls! (Don't worry; I'm planning on making a similar size diaper when I get my shop up and running!)

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