Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Cloth Diapers: Baby Sister: Doodle Dypes Newborn AIO

The Doodle Dypes newborn AIO was another super cute, soft, well-fitting diaper for Miss C.!  I had her in newborn cloth right away after coming home (so from 2 days on).  Another difference from diapering big sister E. is that this time around, I was super curious to try WAHM styles (and I knew where to get pre-loved diapers at a discount!).

All images are mine (from listing for sale)
It had the cord snap-down and stay-dry interior.  Is there anything cuter than a newborn cloth diaper (aside from of course the newborn herself)?!  They certainly make the newborn look even that much cuter!

Miss C. outgrew this diaper at 3 weeks and just under 10 pounds.  Again, it still fit her, but didn't have the absorbency and it leaked.  Because this had a hidden PUL with woven cotton, I think that contributed to the leaking.

I got some other, larger Doodle Dypes that I liked a lot, but that is a future post!

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