Sunday, July 3, 2016

Cloth Diapers: Baby Sister: GroVia Newborn AIO

The Grovia newborn AIO was the first cloth diaper I put on Baby Sister, when she was 2 days old and home from the birth center! Awww! :)

These images are mine (from listing them for sale)
Aside from this print being ridiculously cute, I loved the fit on C. It was soft, teeny-tiny, had a snap-down for the cord, stay-dry lining, and attached soaker for quick drying.  Everything a newborn diaper should be!

I was glad to have some newborn AIOs this time around, since I had learned with big sister that prefolds and covers are not my favorite.  I got this diaper on clearance somewhere (Grovia makes them slightly differently now, I think with turned instead of serged legs) and I am glad I got to use it!

Little Miss C. fit this diapers until 2 weeks and about 9 pounds.  Then she exceeded the absorbency!  This is a trend on ALL diapers for her, I have discovered.  They may still FIT her, but she out-wets them.  Sigh!

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