Friday, July 8, 2016

Cloth Diapers: Baby Sister: Ragababe Easy AIO, Small (newborn)

Yes, I love Ragababe diapers like everyone else!  I got pre-loved ones to try, because it's (still?) exceedingly difficult to buy them new from the Ragababe shop. (They sell out in minutes . . . seconds?)
Images are mine from listing to sell
I actually scored a couple new size Larges for C. at a stocking recently (a future post!), but when I was first wanting to try this brand that everyone raves about, I looked on Spots' Corner for sure!

(Side note: what is happening with the crickets at Spots lately?  It appears all the action is over at ClothDiaperTrader . . . can anyone comment with reasons why Spots is so dead?  Is it just that Rags are slightly more available currently? Does this bode ill for Hyenacart as a whole?? I want to start my shop there, but not if nobody's using it anymore!)

The first diaper to fit Miss C. (of a few Ragababes I got) was the size Small AIO.  I think I tried it on her at one week/8 lbs.-ish (after her cord was gone) and I loved it!  It was just like my beloved BumGenius Small AIOs -- I was always sad changing her out of it and waiting through a wash until I could put it back on her.

How can you not love the cuteness of the star, of course, and I think it was my mom who commented that it was C's "little goth diaper"!  Ha ha ha!

The long, stretchy wings are great; they give a great fit.  The stay-dry lining is great.  Absorbency is great!!  Unlike most of the other newborn diapers that failed on absorbency before failing on size, this one kept absorbing until around 9 weeks/13+ pounds (gasp!  Longer than the BG Smalls!!) but my long-torso girl outgrew it.  The rise was too short and it wasn't covering her bum!  But then again, it's a Small and that is what the next size up is for!

A note about sized diapers: This time around, I REALLY LIKE SIZED DIAPERS.  For little little babies, some of the snapped-down one-sizes are still ridiculously big and poufy/bunchy.  It is so nice to have a trim diaper that just fits the size a baby is at!

I ended up preferring the Ragababe AIOs more than their 2-Steps.  The 2-Steps had too many "moving parts" with the snap-in pads, and the AIO was basically perfect.  The only "issue" was that you can't really add anything to the tiny size Small pocket . . . but I didn't need to!

Also, they dry magically fast!  No needing to turn inside out or leave it overnight on the back of the couch.

Here is a bonus tip:  Ragababe has either added to the confusion, or made things less confusing (I'm still not sure) by naming their sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL for their AIOs, and Size 1, 2, and 3 for their 2-Steps.  I had a lot of confusion when I was trying to decipher the used listings!

Anyway, yes, Ragababe AIO diapers are pretty fantastic.

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