Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Cloth Diapers: Baby Sister: WonderWorks Baby

I got these diapers via Spots' Corner.  They were fairly ancient-feeling, but they held up!  They didn't have a cord snap-down, so I sort of folded them.  This brand is long gone (I think), but I like to be thorough!

Images are mine from listing to sell

They fit Baby Sister right away, and they're a good example of "stash fillers" for me.  I really, really wanted to have the ease of newborn AIOs instead of prefolds and covers!!  I loved it.  I would advise anyone to get as many newborn AIOs as you can (whatever brand) -- they just make life EASY!

And with the second child, your life is hard enough as it is, am I right?  My motives totally changed from "trying to be frugal" with E. to "trying to make life as CALM and stress-free as possible" with C.!  Also I knew I loved cloth, so buying more diapers?  Not a problem.

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